Journals for success

Hello again!
Glad to see you’re still here.
Please let me introduce myself, I’m Maria Widmark and I’m the founder of Cayenne

Goal setting have totally changed my life, that’s why I have a burning desire to help other
ambitious people with big dreams.
My own journey started back in 2004, when I violently crashed my paraglider into a
mountainside in the French alps and ended up hospitalized with 3 broken vertebrae in my
lower back.
Even though I didn’t get paralyzed, the doctors gave me a lifetime sentence with chronic back pain. Something I just refused to accept. I just wanted to be physically limitless and pain free.
So, I set a high but achievable goal and took one step at the time. My goal took me further than I could ever believe, now I’m a world ranked athlete and I hold 3 national gold medals.
And I know you can make your dream a reality.
So please let us at Cayenne Publishing help you, help yourself, we know you can take the

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Let’s go!