Gratitude Journal for couple

Gratitude Journal for couples
Gratitude Journal for couples

Gratitude Journal for couple

The perfect journal for couples how on a daily basis want to express  love and appreciation for each other.

It’s easy to think about how much you appreciate your partner, it’s not always easy to express it in words. In a long-time relationship, you might take each other for granted. You might not even reflect what your partner does for you every day.
With this couples self care book you can reflect how much the person means to you and all the wonderful things you love about them.

Benefits of gratitude journaling:
As a couple you will

  • Express how much you really love your partner.
  • Be more aware of your partner’s efforts and intentions.
  • Change your mindset by focusing on the positive energy.
  • Reduce stress and increase happiness.
  • Enhance intimacy between the two of you.
  • You will realize your partner is a real KING/QUEEN.

End every day by expressing gratitude for your partner and receive gratitude back. 
You will both write something you are grateful about each other and then read what your partner wrote. That means a short sentence of gratitude for you each day of what your partner appreciates about you.
On top of that you will have the opportunity to do a longer gratitude task every 4 weeks.
Take your relationship to the next level, get your couples gratitude journal today.

In this gratitude journal:

  • 130 pages of gratitude
  • Help to get started
  • 52 weeks of daily gratitude
  • Highlights of the week
  • 14 gratitude tasks

This daily gratitude journal makes a great present! Give gratitude as a wedding gift, engagement, anniversary, New Year’s resolution, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday present for your friends and family.

Get your copy of this unique gratitude journal for couples today!

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